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The Trusted Painting Contractors & Commercial Painters.

We’re a trusted family-owned company. Providing commercial painting contractors in Tucson & Phoenix.

We have over 220 years of experience in our company’s history. We specialize in the ability to quickly get you a bid or proposal.

Nelson J. Greer are commercial painters and painting contractors. In order to get a highly professional commercial painter,  you have to get the best. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, you know you are in the hands of the professional painting contractors in Tucson & Phoenix. Nelson J Greer. As a preferred and trusted painting contractor, we work on projects for Amazon and Pima County. Don’t settle on just any commercial painter. Work with the most trusted name in painting contractors. When you just need the job done right, call Nelson J Greer.

Project Highlight: Residence

This residential project came to use through our favorite form of advertising, a word-of-mouth recommendation. This client was left baffled at a previous high estimate he had received as well as a unappealing color sample suggested to him from a paint store rep. With the experience our company holds, we were able to provide him with a much more reasonable price, a color sample he was elated to use and a finished product that left him eager to recommend us to others.

Our Tucson Painting Projects

Nelson Greer Painting contractor has had the opportunity to paint many commercial and residential properties all over Tucson, Phoenix, Green Valley, Marana, Oro Valley, Sahuarita, and Vail. Take a look at our projects and give us a call to get a quote from your local residential and commercial painters in Tucson at Greer!

Front of Watson Chevrolet in Tucson.
Side of an Apartment Building.
Building painted by Painters in Tucson.
Outside a Premium outlet mall.
Recreation Room

Questions for our Commercial Painters

Nelson Greer Painting Providing Commercial Painter Services
How much does a commercial painter charge per square foot?

A commercial painter will typically charge $2-$6 per square foot. If they charge by the hours it should come out to $20-$50 an hour. For an exact quote, contact Nelson Greer Painting today. 

What does a commercial painter do?

When hiring a commercial painter, you can expect someone with a vast knowledge of painting. They’ll be able to handle painting a large variety of surfaces and materials. They’ll have a team to help get extremely large projects done faster than an average painter. 

How will a painter calculate the square footage?
  1. For the interior, multiply the length by the width of every room. 
  2. For the exterior, multiply the width by the height of each exterior wall. 
  3. Add the totals to find the square footage for the entire property.

This will then be used to determine the cost of the job. A commercial painter will then give you the number of a price based on his material and labor costs as well. They’ll be able to divide the cost by the square foot to determine the cost per square feet. 

How long will a painting job take?

On average a painter may take about 45 minutes to an hour to paint the walls and the ceiling. This would be for the first coat. The second coat will be even quicker.

Are free painting quotes available?

At Nelson Greer Painting, our commercial painters will provide you with a free quote for your business. Contact us at 520-325-5800 in Tucson for a quote today. For those in the Phoenix area, you can reach us at 602-252-1345.

Request a Consultation with a Commercial Painter

If you’re looking for commercial painters in Tucson or Phoenix, contact us today and let us bid on your project. We are painting contractors committed to Excellence, Quality, and Dependability and it all starts with a bid.

Leave us your information or give us a call at 520-325-5800 (Tucson office) or 602-252-1345 (Phoenix office) and we’ll get in contact with you soon!