Industrial Metal Painting

From the medical field to an automotive or industrial facility, every metal requires some sort of coating to protect the equipment from corrosion. Every aspect of painting the metal needs to be carefully considered and planned such that the performance is not affected. This article brings to you everything you need to know about industrial […]

Painting Over Old Exterior Paint

Is your home ready for a coat of paint? Paints serve a far more critical purpose than just increase the curb appeal. It helps to protect your house from the elements. The most important rules to follow for exterior painting are to prepare the surfaces well and to buy the best possible paint within your […]

What Is Epoxy Floor Coating?

Flooring for your garage or warehouse or any industrial use must be different from those you use at home. They should be durable, sustainable, decorative, and also blend in with the interior. Considering the above, a long-wearing and cost-effective option is the Epoxy Floor Coating. What is epoxy floor coating? Epoxy floor coating is a […]

Key Questions to Ask Painters

A fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to improve the curb appeal and revitalize your home. At the hands of a professional, your home takes a new look but only at the hands of the right company. As a homeowner, it depends on you to take the necessary steps to hire the right […]

Painting Tips – Do You Paint the Walls or Trim First?

Painting tips and tricks. Rather than just ornamentation, trims often give the room balance, character, and proportion. It also plays into your perception and makes the room appear larger. But did you know that homeowners often overlook the trim and relegate it to an afterthought? When painted in the right shade, they can dramatically affect […]

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