surfactant leaching

Surfactant Leaching: Everything You Need to Know

It’s time. You’ve been eyeing a new color for a while and it’s finally time for you to paint your bedroom walls.  After you finish your new paint job, you start to find these colored drip marks running down the side of your walls that weren’t there before. You might think to yourself, “did I buy […]
painting ideas for small apartments

Top 5 Painting Ideas for Small Apartments and Condominiums

Living in small spaces seems restrictive at first. The following painting ideas for small apartments and condominiums will elevate how your home feels. Tucson’s reliable painters provide a few painting tips to give your small square footage a larger, deeper perspective.   #1 Make the Most of Natural Light Your apartment’s natural light offers a fantastic opportunity to […]
whitewash exterior brick

How to Whitewash Exterior Brick: Best Practices

Whitewashing exterior brick can transform a business or home with a fresh new look. When you hire Nelson J. Greer, our trusted team of professional painters in Tucson will expertly and beautifully whitewash exterior brick. Whitewashing can set any building apart, increase property value, and make a structure stunning. Achieve the best results when whitewashing your brick […]
best paint colors for selling a house

Four Best Paint Colors for Selling a House

The team at Nelson J. Greer is among the most trusted and highly qualified painters in Tucson. We’ve completed numerous paint jobs on homes all over Tucson in many architectural styles and neighborhoods, using the time-tested best paint colors for selling a house. We put our insights and experiences into creative and eye-catching painting solutions that […]
painting techniques

Seven Painting Techniques That Pros Frequently Use

Painting the interior of your home seems like an easy DIY project that requires little painting skill. However, if you use the wrong methods or equipment, your walls may look patched, faded, or banded. Avoid problems in your wall paintings with these six painting techniques from Tucson’s top-rated painters. One: Start with Clean Walls Painting on […]
skim coat ceiling

Should You Skim Coat Ceiling Before Painting It?

Cracks, flaking paint, and aging drywall paper can make your ceiling look less appealing after painting. Replacing the entire ceiling is often cost-intensive and impractical. So, you have to look at the alternatives. One of the best options is skim coating. Should you skim coat the ceiling before painting? As one of the most reliable Tucson […]
difference between interior and exterior paint

What Is the Major Difference Between Interior and Exterior Paint?

While interior and exterior paint enhance the beauty of our homes, each has a different purpose. Many homeowners often ask, “What is the difference between interior and exterior paint?” A good exterior paint will withstand weather conditions and resist mold, fading, and cracking. In comparison, interior paint offers stain-resistant properties that allow regular cleaning without […]
painting in hot weather

Three Things To Consider When Painting in Hot Weather

When summer rolls around, DIY homeowners roll up their sleeves and prepare to tackle outdoor home maintenance. Many start by painting your exterior walls, shutters, and porches. Unfortunately, painting in hot weather presents many challenges that many homeowners don’t realize. Exterior painting in hot weather requires special preparation and a thorough understanding of how humidity […]
furniture and wall color combinations

Furniture and Wall Color Combinations: How to Match Properly

Choosing an attractive wall paint is a straightforward home renovation task, primarily when working with Nelson J. Greer Painting Contractors, Inc., the most reliable painting contractors in Tucson, AZ. On the other hand, finding compatible furniture and wall color combinations for each room in your house is a trickier task. So here, we’ll show you how […]
signs of a bad exterior paint job

4 Telltale Signs of a Bad Exterior Paint Job

Not all paint jobs and paint contractors are equal. Some painters lack the experience and expertise to provide quality paint jobs. Others know what they’re doing but take shortcuts and overcharge for their services.  To make matters worse, noticing that the painter you contracted completed their work in an unprofessional manner can be difficult. When […]

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