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House Painting Costs

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Paint can completely revamp the look of a home or business’s exterior and interior design. There are several things to consider when painting your house. Things like the climate, your home’s finishing material, and more will impact the final results you see. As someone with no or limited prior experience with house painting, you should […]

How Much Do Commercial Painters Charge?

How much do commercial painters charge? How much do commercial painters charge? If you own a commercial property, paint is a way to revamp your business’s entire look. It is straightforward yet effective. Most commercial properties are very large. This means it will be impossible to paint it on your own. That’s why you should […]

How Much Do Painters Charge per Square Foot?

How much do painters charge per square foot? TLDR: Professional painters are great because they can cover more space and do a more precise job than if you took on the task of re-painting your home yourself. Most professional painters charge $1.50-$3.50sq/ft for painting interior spaces. You can expect that price to go higher when […]

Nelson J. Greer

Nelson J. Greer Painting Contractors, Inc. is committed to Excellence, Quality, and Dependability. Our experience in both the commercial and residential markets speaks for itself. Whether it’s painting your home, business, or new commercial construction project, we want to do the job right for you!

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