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colors for children's rooms

5 Playful Colors for Children’s Rooms

Color has a major impact on psychology, and it’s important to choose paint that provides the right kind of stimulation when designing children’s rooms. The go-to choices for kid-friendly room color ideas might be bright, vibrant colors, but brighter isn’t always better. With that in mind, read on to hear our top picks for colors […]
exterior house paint design

Exterior House Paint Design Trends for 2024

| Greer Painting |
Are you looking to revamp your home with a brand-new color palette? Painting your house is a simple and cost-effective way to give it a fresh vibe and enhance its curb appeal.  Nelson J. Greer Painting Contractors, Inc. loves aesthetically pleasing homes that are practical at the same time. That’s why these reliable painters in […]
can you sleep in a freshly painted room

Can You Sleep in a Freshly Painted Room?

There’s no doubt that a fresh coat of paint can effortlessly transform your home. Interior painting is an extremely popular home improvement project, but can you sleep in a freshly painted room safely? This guide addresses some of the common concerns that people have about sleeping in a freshly painted room, as shared by reliable […]
do you have to prime walls before painting

Do You Have to Prime Walls Before Painting?

If you’re looking for amazing results, do you have to prime walls before painting? Many property owners are surprised to learn that you don’t always need a primer when starting a new painting project. But how do you know when a primer could be beneficial? As leading Tucson painters, Nelson J. Greer Painting Contractors, Inc. […]
should hallway be same color as living room

Should Hallway Be Same Color as Living Room?

Redecorating your home is both a creative and challenging experience, especially when repainting walls from room to room. The hallway and living room can present a unique gauntlet for homeowners. Should the hallway be the same color as the living room? Although painting them the same color might seem easier, you can also experiment with […]
paint goes with a brown roof

What Paint Goes With a Brown Roof?

If searching for the perfect color scheme for your home’s exterior challenges you, experimenting with different color palettes can simplify the creative process. An exterior paint color should give your house a tidy look and complement the color of your roof, doors, shutters, and other features. Matching paint with the roof color can be especially […]
can you paint window frames

Can You Paint Window Frames? Is It a Good Idea?

Window frames accent the natural lighting in your home. But can you paint window frames? You can indeed paint most window frames, but this process requires prep work and appropriate materials. If you’re worried about your window frames, call Nelson J. Greer Painting Contractors, Inc. We’re professional, hassle-free painting contractors in Tucson. Call our office […]
dark hallway paint colors

Six Best Dark Hallway Paint Colors

| Greer Painting |
Homeowners often overlook hallways when repainting their homes. Many assume they should paint hallways with a light color, failing to consider other possibilities. Painting your hallway with dark paint is a desirable and unique style choice. Our experts at Nelson J. Greer are Tucson’s painters of choice. We wrote this guide to outline the six best dark […]
whitewash exterior brick

How to Whitewash Exterior Brick: Best Practices

Whitewashing exterior brick can transform a business or home with a fresh new look. When you hire Nelson J. Greer, our trusted team of professional painters in Tucson will expertly and beautifully whitewash exterior brick. Whitewashing can set any building apart, increase property value, and make a structure stunning. Achieve the best results when whitewashing your brick […]
best paint colors for selling a house

Four Best Paint Colors for Selling a House

The team at Nelson J. Greer is among the most trusted and highly qualified painters in Tucson. We’ve completed numerous paint jobs on homes all over Tucson in many architectural styles and neighborhoods, using the time-tested best paint colors for selling a house. We put our insights and experiences into creative and eye-catching painting solutions that […]

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