how often should you repaint your walls

How Often Should You Repaint Your Walls?

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There’s little doubt that a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for any room. Whether the walls look faded, dull, or dingy or you’re in the mood for a color refresh, paint is the easiest and most cost-effective solution. 

But how often should you repaint your walls? According to the experts at Nelson J. Greer Painting Contractors, Inc., the most skilled painters in Tucson, AZ, you should paint your home’s walls every three to five years. Read on to learn more about keeping your home looking its best, and call (520) 325-5800 to talk to us about interior painting services. 

When To Repaint Your Walls 

Although the standard recommendation is to update paint every few years, the best answer to “How often should you repaint your walls?” depends on several factors. For example, high-traffic areas, like the family room and kitchen, need more frequent updates than other spaces, like adult bedrooms or the dining room. Ultimately, it comes down to your preferences and best judgment, but there are some surefire signs it’s time to repaint. 

The Walls Are Dirty or Scuffed 

While many quality paints are scrubbable, and you can clean them to remove dirt and marks, repeated cleaning can take a toll and leave discolored patches on the walls. Not all marks come off entirely, either, so if the walls are starting to show wear and tear, a fresh coat of paint can restore their appearance. 

The Paint is Old, Bubbling, Peeling, or Cracked 

Although this is primarily a problem with low-quality paint, the paint in humid areas like bathrooms can deteriorate and crack, peel, or bubble over time. Despite the fact that lead paint has been illegal for decades, older homes may still have surfaces covered with paint that contains lead, which requires professional removal and repainting. 

Poorly executed paint jobs that skimp on preparation can cause flaking or peeling. You should also plan on repainting when you have water damage from a leaking roof or plumbing problem.

You Want a Refresh 

One of the best things about paint is that it’s a relatively easy and inexpensive way to update your home decor. Whatever your taste or vision for the space, there’s a paint color that will bring it to life. If you’re tired of the paint color, it’s outdated, or you’re remodeling or redecorating, it’s time to paint the walls. 

Get the Best Results From the Professional Painters of Nelson J. Greer Painting Contractors, Inc.

Ultimately, there are no rules when it comes to answering, “How often should you repaint your walls?” The general guideline is every few years, but you can repaint more or less frequently depending on your needs. 

Regardless of how often you repaint, proper preparation and painting techniques are the key to a flawless appearance and long-lasting finish. To avoid a bad paint job and guarantee the best results, call (520) 325-5800 to have the Tucson, AZ, painting experts of Nelson J. Greer Painting Contractors, Inc. take care of the work.

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