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dark hallway paint colors

Six Best Dark Hallway Paint Colors

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Homeowners often overlook hallways when repainting their homes. Many assume they should paint hallways with a light color, failing to consider other possibilities. Painting your hallway with dark paint is a desirable and unique style choice. Our experts at Nelson J. Greer are Tucson’s painters of choice. We wrote this guide to outline the six best dark […]
how to fix paint drips on wall

How to Fix Paint Drips on Walls: Three Tips

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Call (520) 325-5800 to talk to professional painting contractors in Tucson! Painting mistakes after putting in your best effort is frustrating. It can happen to anyone, from regular DIY painters to complete beginners. As Tucson’s trusted exterior painters, we know all the tips and tricks professionals use to deliver exceptional results on every project. This […]

Paint Prep Work

Are you tired of the drab and peeling paint? According to the Remodeling Impact Survey by NAR, a paint job has a joy score of 9.8. Not only that, but interior painting also has an ROI of 107%, as per a 2012 survey by HomeGain. Painting can bring about warmth and brighten a room, however […]

Painting Tips – Do You Paint the Walls or Trim First?

Painting tips and tricks. Rather than just ornamentation, trims often give the room balance, character, and proportion. It also plays into your perception and makes the room appear larger. But did you know that homeowners often overlook the trim and relegate it to an afterthought? When painted in the right shade, they can dramatically affect […]

What Is the Best Thing to Wash Walls With?

So what is the best thing to wash walls with? Your interior walls can become very dirty over time, and you will need to know how to clean them if you plan on preserving their overall quality and finish. To ensure you don’t ruin your walls’ appearance or finish during the cleaning process, you need […]

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