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How to Fix Paint Drips on Walls: Three Tips

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Painting mistakes after putting in your best effort is frustrating. It can happen to anyone, from regular DIY painters to complete beginners.

As Tucson’s trusted exterior painters, we know all the tips and tricks professionals use to deliver exceptional results on every project. This article will teach you how to fix paint drips on walls.

1.    Ensure Adequate Lighting

If you’re painting walls in low light conditions, you need to set up a strong light source. Positioning the light from the side of the wall will show you any drips quickly.

2.    Clean Wet Paint Drips

If you notice paint drips while the paint is still wet, you can correct the problem with a few brush strokes. The paint is already too dry if the initial strokes don’t affect the drip.. If the paint is still malleable, maintain the same brush direction used in the surrounding area.

3.    Repaint the Affected Area

If the paint drip is already too dry to brush away, the next solution is to repaint the area. Here’s how to do that:

Wait for the Paint to Dry

One of the first things you’ll learn when learning how to fix paint drips on walls is to always wait for the paint to dry. If the paint is no longer wet, don’t force the issue. Damp paint will peel off when you try to correct drips, giving you an even bigger headache.

Sand or Scrape the Drip

The next step in the correction is to sand off the raised paint drips. You can use a sanding block, razor blade, or a clean scraper. Work as lightly as possible to avoid scuffing up other parts of the painted wall. Some people use a damp cloth to sand off the drip, but this approach doesn’t deliver the best results.

With the drip flattened, smoothen out any remnant with a fine-grit sandpaper. Be sure to sand in the drip direction.

Back and forth sanding will cause paint flaking. Therefore, it’s good to avoid using a power sander for this task. 220-grit sandpaper can do the job.

Cover Up Any Damage

Did you mistakenly scrape or sand too deeply into the paint? You can cover the area with glazing putty.

Spread the putty onto the surface with a putty knife and remove any excess. Sand again after the putty dries.

Repaint the Surface

Before repainting the drip area, it’s a good idea to prime if you used putty. Applying paint directly over putty may cause a blotchy appearance.

Instead, repaint the area with one or two coats of the same paint color. Avoid having excess paint on the brush or roller.

Talk to the Painting Professionals

Knowing how to fix paint drips on walls is one thing, but the execution is a different challenge. At Nelson J. Greer Painting Contractors, Inc., we are happy to help rectify any painting mistakes quickly. 

Do you want to learn whether to paint walls or trims first? We also offer guidance to DIY enthusiasts like you.

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