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bad paint job

What To Do About a Bad Paint Job

| Greer Painting |
Coming home to a job well done by painters, or so you thought, and finding a mess can be infuriating. You’ve put good money toward these improvements. A bad paint job shows a lack of professionalism from the company you’ve hired and reflects poorly on your home or business. Tucson’s reliable painters from Nelson J. Greer […]
can stucco be painted

Can Stucco Be Painted? 

| Greer Painting |
Living in Tucson means there’s a good chance that your home has a stucco finish. The long-lasting, low-maintenance finish is ideal in the dry Southwest climate, but there will likely come a time when you want to refresh your home exterior. This could leave you asking, “Can stucco be painted?” As Tucson’s expert painters, Nelson J. […]
how to match wall color with wood floor

How to Match Wall Color with Wood Floor 

| Greer Painting |
A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to give any room a makeover. But when you’re standing in front of a wall of paint samples, trying to find the perfect color, it can feel overwhelming, especially when trying to coordinate the wall treatment with other elements of the […]
are paint fumes bad for dogs

Are Paint Fumes Bad for Dogs?

| Greer Painting |
Do you love your pets like family but need a new coat of interior paint? You’re probably wondering, “Are paint fumes bad for dogs?” As reliable painters in Tucson, the team at Nelson J. Greer knows how to give you a beautiful paint job while keeping your beloved pets safe. Contact us at 520-325-5800 to schedule […]
can you use exterior paint for interior

Can You Use Exterior Paint for Interior Surfaces?

| Greer Painting |
If you need to paint a surface inside your home, you might wonder what the harm is in using some of your extra exterior paint. It sounds more convenient than picking up a new can of interior paint at the store. Still, you may wonder, “Can you use exterior paint for interior paint jobs?” Learn […]
whitewash exterior brick

How to Whitewash Exterior Brick: Best Practices

Whitewashing exterior brick can transform a business or home with a fresh new look. When you hire Nelson J. Greer, our trusted team of professional painters in Tucson will expertly and beautifully whitewash exterior brick. Whitewashing can set any building apart, increase property value, and make a structure stunning. Achieve the best results when whitewashing your brick […]
best paint colors for selling a house

Four Best Paint Colors for Selling a House

The team at Nelson J. Greer is among the most trusted and highly qualified painters in Tucson. We’ve completed numerous paint jobs on homes all over Tucson in many architectural styles and neighborhoods, using the time-tested best paint colors for selling a house. We put our insights and experiences into creative and eye-catching painting solutions that […]
painting techniques

Seven Painting Techniques That Pros Frequently Use

| Greer Painting |
Painting the interior of your home seems like an easy DIY project that requires little painting skill. However, if you use the wrong methods or equipment, your walls may look patched, faded, or banded. Avoid problems in your wall paintings with these six painting techniques from Tucson’s top-rated painters. One: Start with Clean Walls Painting on […]

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