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can stucco be painted

Can Stucco Be Painted? 

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Living in Tucson means there’s a good chance that your home has a stucco finish. The long-lasting, low-maintenance finish is ideal in the dry Southwest climate, but there will likely come a time when you want to refresh your home exterior. This could leave you asking, “Can stucco be painted?”

As Tucson’s expert painters, Nelson J. Greer Painting Contractors, Inc. gets this question a lot. We can paint a stucco finish, but before you start choosing colors, check out the following advice about the process and give us a call at (520) 325-5800 to request an estimate. 

The Best Type of Paint for Stucco 

Many people are unsure about the answer to “Can stucco be painted?” because the surface is porous. Unlike a smooth surface like wood, stucco’s texture can affect the finished look of the paint. The texture can also make it more challenging to paint and get an even finish. 

Painters can overcome the challenges of painting a stucco finish by choosing the right type of paint. Many exterior paints are easy to apply on stucco. The best options are acrylic latex exterior paint, which is affordable, flexible, and durable, or elastomeric paint, which is thicker and longer-lasting.

Pay Attention to Color and Sheen 

The stucco finish on your home doesn’t have any sheen, or light reflectivity, on its own. Using paint with even a slight sheen can highlight the texture, so it’s best to choose flat exterior paints for these projects. 

The color you select also influences the finished look and paint longevity. Shades like white, off-white, gray, tan, and beige all reflect UV rays, so the color doesn’t fade as quickly. It’s best to choose a color with a high light-reflective value. 

How to Paint a Stucco House 

Painting stucco is more labor-intensive than painting other surfaces. First, it’s important to clean the surface with a pressure washer to remove accumulated dirt and grime; then, repair any surface cracks before painting. While it’s possible to fill small cracks with caulking, larger cracks need more in-depth repairs to ensure a consistent texture. 

After prepping the surface, spraying and backrolling ensure an even paint job with high-quality coverage. While you might be able to spray one or two coats of paint on other exterior surfaces and achieve flawless results, stucco is porous and requires more paint. By spraying on the first coat, then applying the second by hand with a roller, the paint sinks deeper into all the pores on the surface, ensuring the finished job looks great and withstands the Arizona climate longer. 

Upgrade Your Home with Help From the Professionals 

If you want to transform your Tucson, AZ, home with a fresh coat of paint, call (520) 325-5800 and have the experts of Nelson J. Greer Painting Contractors, Inc. do the work for you. If you want answers to questions like “Can stucco be painted?” guidance on painting over old exterior paint, or any other information about residential or commercial painting, we’re the number one local source.