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can you sleep in a freshly painted room

Can You Sleep in a Freshly Painted Room?

There’s no doubt that a fresh coat of paint can effortlessly transform your home. Interior painting is an extremely popular home improvement project, but can you sleep in a freshly painted room safely? This guide addresses some of the common concerns that people have about sleeping in a freshly painted room, as shared by reliable […]
furniture and wall color combinations

Furniture and Wall Color Combinations: How to Match Properly

Choosing an attractive wall paint is a straightforward home renovation task, primarily when working with Nelson J. Greer Painting Contractors, Inc., the most reliable painting contractors in Tucson, AZ. On the other hand, finding compatible furniture and wall color combinations for each room in your house is a trickier task. So here, we’ll show you how […]

Paint Prep Work

Are you tired of the drab and peeling paint? According to the Remodeling Impact Survey by NAR, a paint job has a joy score of 9.8. Not only that, but interior painting also has an ROI of 107%, as per a 2012 survey by HomeGain. Painting can bring about warmth and brighten a room, however […]

Painting Tips – Do You Paint the Walls or Trim First?

Painting tips and tricks. Rather than just ornamentation, trims often give the room balance, character, and proportion. It also plays into your perception and makes the room appear larger. But did you know that homeowners often overlook the trim and relegate it to an afterthought? When painted in the right shade, they can dramatically affect […]

How Long Should it Take to Paint a Room?

Painting a room is a great way to add flair and your own personal sense of style into any space. But, while it may seem like a simple process, painting a room can take a nice amount of time. Especially if you want to do the job correctly. Before you begin painting a room, there […]

What Type of Paint Should I Use in My Bathroom?

What type of paint should I use in my bathroom? When painting your bathroom, it’s important that you choose the right paint. A paint that can withstand high levels of moisture and bacteria is a great choice. The best choice is paint that resists peeling or forming mold and bacteria. High-gloss paints are always a […]

What Is the Best Thing to Wash Walls With?

So what is the best thing to wash walls with? Your interior walls can become very dirty over time, and you will need to know how to clean them if you plan on preserving their overall quality and finish. To ensure you don’t ruin your walls’ appearance or finish during the cleaning process, you need […]

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