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furniture and wall color combinations

Furniture and Wall Color Combinations: How to Match Properly

Choosing an attractive wall paint is a straightforward home renovation task, primarily when working with Nelson J. Greer Painting Contractors, Inc., the most reliable painting contractors in Tucson, AZ. On the other hand, finding compatible furniture and wall color combinations for each room in your house is a trickier task.

So here, we’ll show you how to choose the best paint colors to perfectly pair your furniture and walls and bring the most out of your home’s interior.

Choose a Complementary Wall Color

There’s no limit to which color you paint your house, and in an effort to personalize their space, many homeowners go overboard and choose distinct, bright colors.  While those shades might look great on their own, they won’t pair with most furniture items, which have far fewer available colors than paint.

The easiest way to achieve harmony between your furniture and wall color combinations is to ignore the flashy shades and opt for more neutral colors like white and gray. Light shades of blue and green are also complementary colors but have slightly more flair than those more standard paints.

Use Accents to Your Advantage

Accents are a ‘home improvement cheat code’ that allows you to paint your wall any color while matching the furniture. For example, a gray couch might not fit well in a room with orange walls, but if you’re committed to painting your wall a creamsicle shade, filling that furniture with gray throw pillows can make the two contrasting tones come together.

You can use the same concept for your paint designs. For example, setting up a striped or patterned wall where the secondary wall color matches your furniture can align the two.

Flooring Is a Major Factor

Since your floor takes up more space than your furniture and is nearly as prominent as your walls, whatever color it is will play a significant role in the room’s overall aesthetic. 

Matching your furniture and wall color combinations with your floor is vital for the best possible design. If you plan wisely, your flooring can also be an accent that complements the composition of one and makes an otherwise contrasting paint color fit perfectly into a room.

Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Out

Solid, complementary colors are the best way to make your flooring and furniture match, but if you want your room to feel personal, you shouldn’t commit to only dull shades.

Some colors don’t go as well together as standard white walls and black furniture, but standing out with something slightly contrasting can give your home an exciting feeling. Just don’t go for too crazy of a pairing.

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Nelson J. Greer Painting Contractors, Inc. has the high-quality paints and unmatched painting expertise you need to make your desired furniture and wall color combinations come to life. Call our team today at (520) 325-5800 to schedule a consultation, or click here to learn which between trim or wall to paint first.