how to prep interior walls for painting

How To Prep Interior Walls for Painting

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A fresh coat of interior paint can instantly transform your home or business. However, the outcome of your paint project will depend on several factors, including the prep work. Proper prep work sets the foundation for a smooth, professional-looking paint job.

As top-rated professional painters in Tucson, we explain how to prep interior walls for painting. Keep reading for a breakdown of the most essential preparation steps.

Repair Drywall Damage

First things first, patch and fill any holes or divots with putty or spackle. A drywall patch and joint compound will work well for larger holes.

Caulk Gaps and Cracks

If you have small gaps between your walls and molding or around windows, you can fill them with caulk. Remember to check the caulk label for instructions and dry time, so you know whether you can paint the caulk and how long to wait before you can start painting.

Sand the Spackle

Once your drywall patches and caulk dry, sand the walls with a sanding block or sanding sponge. If you are painting over lead-based paint, be careful not to breathe in the dust. Use your hand to confirm that you’ve smoothed the patches completely.

Using fine-grit sandpaper, scruff the rest of the wall lightly to dull the previous paint and ensure the new paint adheres properly.

Clean the Walls

Vacuum any dust, then wipe down the walls and trim with a paper towel or damp cloth. Alternatively, wash the walls with a mixture of lukewarm water and mild soap before rinsing them with a slightly damp cellulose sponge.

Don’t use too much water — you want to avoid soaking the spackle during the cleaning process.

Apply Painter’s Tape

As you go over your checklist on how to prep interior walls for painting, ensure the walls and trim dry completely before applying painter’s tape.

When taping, start in a corner and press the tape to the trim in small sections as you go to ensure it sticks firmly.

Use Drop Cloths

Use drop cloths to protect your floor and furniture from dripping paint.

Prime Your Walls

Start with a primer base. Besides covering up imperfections and old paint, the primer helps you get the intended color and sheen from your final coat of paint.

Use High-Quality Painting Supplies 

Once you complete the prep work, ensure you have high-quality supplies for the paint job. Poor-quality paintbrushes and rollers leave marks, brushstrokes, and hairs in the paint.

The number of coats of paint will depend on your desired outcome. If you must take a break, place your roller and brush in a zip-lock bag to keep them from drying up for up to 24 hours.

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