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Can You Use Exterior Paint for Interior Surfaces?

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If you need to paint a surface inside your home, you might wonder what the harm is in using some of your extra exterior paint. It sounds more convenient than picking up a new can of interior paint at the store. Still, you may wonder, “Can you use exterior paint for interior paint jobs?”

Learn why you shouldn’t use exterior paint for indoor paint jobs, then reach out to Tucson’s professional painters, Nelson J. Greer Painting Contractors, Inc., to let our dependable painting team take care of the heavy lifting. We guarantee high-quality work with every job!

How Interior and Exterior Paint Differ

You’ll always get better results when you use indoor paint for interior projects and exterior paint for outdoor ones. Outdoor paint helps your property’s exterior look its best and withstand various elements like rain, snow, UV rays, and changing temperatures. Although it often has increased durability, exterior paint typically has more VOCs (or volatile organic compounds) that have less of a harmful effect while outside.

Indoor and outdoor paint could look the same, but indoor paint is safer inside. The focus of this paint is to reduce stains and to hold up well against typical wear and tear from people and pets. 

Is It Okay to Use Exterior Paint Inside?

Yes, you can use exterior paint inside, but it doesn’t mean you should. You should use each type of paint for its intended purpose. You might notice a less appealing paint job, have a messy cleaning job on your hands, and expose yourself and your loved ones to toxic fumes.

Whether you prefer acrylic or water-based paint, consider taking the time to find a good interior paint instead of using exterior.

The Consequences of Using Exterior Paint on Your Interior Walls

Before you use exterior paint for interior projects, consider the following effects it could have:

  • VOC Emissions. During painting and after drying, your exterior paint will give off VOCs, which could increase allergies, respiratory problems, and strong odors throughout the property.
  • A Less Effective Paint Job. Outdoor paint on your walls will likely experience scratches, scuffing, and smudges. You’ll likely need to repaint over the poor-quality results anyway, causing you to spend more time and money in the long run. 
  • Harder Cleanup. When you notice a small spill or paint drip with interior paint, you can usually remove the spot with water and a cloth. However, exterior paint is waterproof to help a property withstand the elements, making it much more difficult to clean.

More property owners are trying to use paint products that are safer and better for the environment. If you’re painting inside, identifying greener paints and coatings can make your next project go smoothly. A professional painter may also use eco-friendly products.

Leave Your Next Painting Project to Tucson’s Trusted Team of Painting Professionals

Now that we’ve addressed “Can you use exterior paint for interior surfaces?” you can also learn about choosing exterior paint colors on our blog. Contact Nelson J. Greer Painting Contractors, Inc. in Tucson, AZ, to schedule your service appointment. Call us today at (520) 325-5800!

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