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Six Best Dark Hallway Paint Colors

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Homeowners often overlook hallways when repainting their homes. Many assume they should paint hallways with a light color, failing to consider other possibilities. Painting your hallway with dark paint is a desirable and unique style choice.

Our experts at Nelson J. Greer are Tucson’s painters of choice. We wrote this guide to outline the six best dark hallway paint colors. If you need more guidance on how to paint your home, call us at 520-325-5800.

Why Paint My Hallway a Dark Color?

Homeowners tend to paint hallways with lighter colors, such as white, grey, or light blue. After all, aren’t hallways supposed to be bright and full of natural light? Wouldn’t a dark color make these high-traffic areas hard to navigate?

However, painting a hallway with a dark color doesn’t have to interfere with these transitional spaces and their lighting. Hallways are often dark to begin with, regardless of their paint.

If you think a dark blue or grey wall color would suit your hallway, go for it! You can use trimming, windows, and light fixtures to add light and contrast as needed. You can even brighten windowless hallways!

Here are some of the best dark hallway paint colors to consider for your next home improvement project.

1. Benjamin Moore Gray Owl OC-52

BM Gray Owl offers a radiant, warm gray that works well in almost any setting. It’s somewhat dark, offering a middle ground between light and heavy tones. It also works well with a pearl, satin, or eggshell finish.

2. Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray HC-170

BM Stonington Gray is a solid choice for homeowners looking for a heavy yet somewhat light shade. It pairs well with subtle white trimming.

3. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC-172

A light, warm gray, BM Revere Pewter is a smooth, beige-like paint. It works great in rooms with ample natural light and matches with a satin, pearl, or eggshell finish.

4. The Spruce Breezy Beach SPR-12

Are you interested in blue paint? The Spruce Breezy Beach is perfect for welcoming spaces like hallways and foyers. It’s a subtle, baby blue that goes well with a satin finish.

5. The Spruce Cosmic Sapphire SPR-18

If you’re searching for dark, radiant hallway paint, the Spruce Cosmic Sapphire is for you. It’s a deep navy blue that borders on black. With a good satin finish, the Cosmic Sapphire will make your hallway stand out among the crowd.

6. The Spruce Macrame Beige SPR-05

Earth tones like the Spruce Macrame Beige look lovely when paired with natural light. This particular paint blends a traditional beige with peach undertones that, with a satin finish, looks perfect in almost any hallway.

Professional Hallway Painters in Tucson

Are you interested in dark hallway paint colors but don’t know where to start? Our team at Nelson J. Greer Contractors, Inc. offers premium-grade hallway painting services to Tucson, AZ, homeowners. Whether you want to paint the walls or trim first, we’ll work with you to create a painting plan that suits your style and budget. 

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