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Can You Paint Window Frames? Is It a Good Idea?

Window frames accent the natural lighting in your home. But can you paint window frames? You can indeed paint most window frames, but this process requires prep work and appropriate materials.

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Inspect the Window Frame Before Painting

Check for underlying issues before you begin any painting project. You should also perform a lead swab test to check for toxic lead paint if your home is from the 1970s or earlier.

Carefully inspect the window frame and the surrounding area. Look out for:

  • Pest damage
  • Rot
  • Splinters
  • Cracks
  • Split wood
  • Holes

Don’t paint your frames if they’re in poor condition. Covering the issue won’t solve anything. Before you pull out the paint, repair or replace damaged window frames.

How to Paint Window Frames

Can you paint window frames on your own? Yes, but you’ll need to follow the steps below. Calling professional painters is often the best way to ensure quality results that last for years.

1. Clean and Scrape Windows

Begin by cleaning and scraping the window glass. Clean windows lead to a neater paint job. You should also scrape the glass when it’s still wet because this window frame painting technique prevents scratches.

2. Scrape Old Paint and Caulk

Use a paint scraper to remove old paint from the window frame. You’ll also need to replace the caulk, so remove any hard or dry sections. 

3. Sand the Window Frame

Next, rough up the window frame with sandpaper. Start with 150-grit sandpaper to remove leftover paint flakes. Finish off with a 220-grit sheet to create a smooth surface for your paint.

4. Apply Fresh Caulk

Now it’s time to refresh the caulk around the windows. Apply fresh caulking to the seams, smooth it out, and let it set. 

5. Tape the Surrounding Walls

Apply masking tape to the surrounding walls before you prime and paint. Cover the caulk and weather stripping as well, but don’t worry about the window. It’s easy to scrape excess paint off the glass once you’re done.

6. Prime the Frame

Brush an oil-based primer over the exposed window frame. Primer protects the base material and creates a solid surface for paint adhesion.

7. Paint

Now it’s time to move on to the star of the show — the paint. Find a satin or semi-gloss option for your final coat of paint. These finishes are easier to maintain because they repel dirt.

8. Clean Up

Once the paint dries, remove the tape and clean and scrape your windows again. 

Call Your Local Paint Experts

Can you paint window frames? Yes, but it takes time and effort. This job is particularly difficult if the window frame is in poor condition. If you need help with your window frames, contact the professionals at Nelson J. Greer Painting Contractors, Inc. We’ll help with interior and exterior paint jobs, offer painting ideas for small apartments, and even provide floor coatings. Call 520-325-5800 and get a free quote today.  

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