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Top 5 Painting Ideas for Small Apartments and Condominiums

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Living in small spaces seems restrictive at first. The following painting ideas for small apartments and condominiums will elevate how your home feels. Tucson’s reliable painters provide a few painting tips to give your small square footage a larger, deeper perspective.  

#1 Make the Most of Natural Light

Your apartment’s natural light offers a fantastic opportunity to open up your floor plan. Each window gives the illusion of a greater expanse indoors. Take note of the cardinal direction that your windows face for better color balance:

  • Southern and western windows receive stronger, warmer sunlight.
  • Eastern and northern windows receive more insipid, cooler sunlight. 

Associate warmth with hues like orange, yellow, or red. Most people compare cooler aesthetics with blue and white. Using warm tones in rooms with eastern or northern windows will offset the cooler lighting.

#2 Pair Bright, Warm Tones With Artificial Light

If you have a room with no or little natural light, you’ll need painting ideas for small apartments that balance well with artificial light. Colors that work best with artificial light include soft yellows, bright oranges, and pale, clean pinks. Each shade reflects artificial light, boosts the room’s open appearance, and adds a sense of cheerfulness. 

#3 Choose Neutral, Dark Colors for Cozy Spaces

While dark colors can make a room feel smaller, they also enhance the cozy factor of small spaces. You want to avoid crimson, navy blue, or deep gray. However, wooden shades, chocolate tones, and clay tints create a warm, cozy aura for bedrooms.

Such brown shades offer an ambiance of neutrality and earthiness that you can offset with clean, white accents and decor. Consider a rich brown paint for your reading nook or bedroom. 

#4 Take Advantage of Mirrors

Not only do mirrors reflect light, but they also expand your room in a visual sense. You can add long mirrors to doors or extravagant, oval mirrors to empty walls. They provide an opportunity to play with shapes and accent colors as well. 

Purchasing or painting mirror frames to match your color scheme allows you to play with color variations without commitment. Once you nail down your preferences for accent colors, you can commit to a paint color that adds depth. 

#5 Use a Bold Color for Accents

While you should avoid using bold colors on each wall’s expanse, you can use them to create depth on accents like door and window frames, shelving, cabinets, and baseboards. A deep, bold color can quickly overpower a room, making it feel smaller. However, it also adds a great touch when used in moderation to bring attention to detail. 

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