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paint goes with a brown roof

What Paint Goes With a Brown Roof?

If searching for the perfect color scheme for your home’s exterior challenges you, experimenting with different color palettes can simplify the creative process. An exterior paint color should give your house a tidy look and complement the color of your roof, doors, shutters, and other features.

Matching paint with the roof color can be especially difficult. What paint goes with a brown roof? As Tucson’s trusted painters, our crew at Nelson J. Greer Painting Contractors, Inc. explains how to choose paint colors for your house to match your roof. Call 520-325-5800 for a painting quote.

#1 White

Classic white paint brightens a property while complementing brown roofs. It works well as an accent color or the main color of your home’s exterior. White contrasts with brown and brightens a house’s aesthetic. 

White does have a few drawbacks, though. Clean, bright colors require maintenance to retain their crispness. Prepare to powerwash occasionally to keep your home looking clean. 

#2 Beige 

Beige is a neutral color that nicely offsets a deep, brown roof. Like white paint, it elevates the appearance of any house. Unlike white, it efficiently hides dirt and grime. You can choose a warm beige or a cool beige to customize the color to the shade of your roof.

You’ll still need to schedule occasional maintenance with beige paint. However, you won’t need to do quite as much maintenance to make your home look its best. 

#3 Reddish Brown 

What paint goes with a brown roof? Reddish brown or terracotta tones offer an earthier aesthetic. Terracotta is a warm, rustic tone that makes your home seem inviting. 

Shades of reddish brown can work one of two ways. If your brown roof is lighter than the paint, then the roof will look open and stately compared to the house’s exterior. If the paint is lighter than the roof, then the paint will soften the aesthetic with a gentle charm. 

#4 Green

Conjure images of enchanting forests by pairing your brown roof with green house paint. Brown and green together give off an air of tranquility and natural beauty.

Plus, you can choose from endless shades of green to create a unique impression. Light greens soften and brighten your home. Dark shades make a statement.

#5 Blue

Like green paint, blue paint offers endless possibilities. It all depends on how you mix it and what you want to achieve. Your brown roof should complement just about any shade of blue. 

From deep royal blues to lighter shades, almost any shade can work for your home. Soft, pastel blues reflect an innocent, retro aesthetic, especially when coupled with deep brown. Keep in mind that lighter shades will open your property up, while darker ones make it more mysterious. 

Pick Perfect Paint Matches With Nelson J. Greer Painting Contractors 

What paint goes with a brown roof? Many colors do! But first, you must choose the statement you want your home to make. 

Our professional painters and Nelson J. Greer Painting Contractors are experts at choosing exterior paint colors. Call 520-325-5800 to request a quote.