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5 Playful Colors for Children’s Rooms

Color has a major impact on psychology, and it’s important to choose paint that provides the right kind of stimulation when designing children’s rooms. The go-to choices for kid-friendly room color ideas might be bright, vibrant colors, but brighter isn’t always better. With that in mind, read on to hear our top picks for colors for children’s rooms. These trending paint choices for kids’ rooms work for children of all genders. 

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1. Black & White

Black and white is a good place to start because it is a simple palette that can mix and match with several playful hues for children’s spaces. Paint the main walls white with black accent walls to make the room seem longer; you can also use black chalkboard paint on one wall to provide an area for activities and mental stimulation.  

2. Dark Blue

Dark blue is one of the best colors for children’s rooms as it can produce a calming and relaxing effect — perfect for when you need your kids to go to bed at a reasonable hour. Dark blue also pairs well with more vibrant cool colors, such as purple, making it a fun option for children’s activity rooms. A dark blue accent wall can make a room seem more dynamic when paired with more neutral colors, such as grays or off-whites. 

3. Light Gray

Light gray is another neutral color that is great for both bedrooms and children’s activity rooms. For bedrooms, you can pair light gray with deeper colors to provide a relaxing and calming effect. For activity rooms, gray works well with soft, warm colors to create a dynamic and textured look. As a bonus, light gray is also a great gender-neutral color if you want to stay away from traditional gendered colorings. 

4. Red & Blue

Although it’s not normally a color combination for most rooms of the house, it is perfect for a vibrant palette for kids’ bedrooms. Red and blue are both striking colors that kids learn to associate with many things, and the red/blue combination keeps things exciting and bright. The colors don’t have to be flat blue or red either; you can pair a lighter blue with a darker, more striking red if you want to lean into one color more than the other. 

5. Multicolor

One final option for bright and cheery children’s room colors is to go for a multicolor palette that incorporates many shades and hues. A good way to approach this project is to pick a neutral color, like white or off-white, for the base and then add different accent colors. To make it an extra fun family project, you can ask your children which colors they would prefer to create whimsical room color schemes. 

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