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How to Whitewash Exterior Brick: Best Practices

Whitewashing exterior brick can transform a business or home with a fresh new look. When you hire Nelson J. Greer, our trusted team of professional painters in Tucson will expertly and beautifully whitewash exterior brick. Whitewashing can set any building apart, increase property value, and make a structure stunning.

Achieve the best results when whitewashing your brick by employing these best practices. Nelson J. Greer has years of experience and can transform any surface, so call us at 520-325-5800 (Tucson office) or 602-252-1345 (Phoenix office) for professional painting services. 

1. Clean Brick Walls Thoroughly Before Starting

Dirty brick walls can prevent the whitewash from sticking to the surface, leading to undesirable results that you might have to redo in just a few years. Starting with clean brick is essential for achieving beautifully whitewashed brick. We never recommend you whitewash exterior brick covered in dirt or grime, so use water and soap to clean the surface effectively. 

2. Use Tarps or Cloths to Protect Surrounding Areas

Painters usually combine white latex paint and water to create a whitewash solution. When you apply it to a large brick surface, the process can be messy.

Keep your windows and door frames looking their best by covering them with cloths and tarps before starting. You won’t have to worry about paint splatters and frantically trying to clean up spills.

3. Remove All Leftover Paint from the Brick Surface

After cleaning the brick, you must remove all existing paint so the whitewash will adhere to the surface. A scraper or putty knife is usually effective enough to take off any leftover paint. Flaking or old paint can compromise the results of your whitewashing.

Consider the age of your property before beginning your whitewash project. Older construction of businesses and homes may have lead paint, and removing it yourself can be harmful. Contact a professional immediately if your surface has toxic lead paint.

4. Gather Paint Brushes

Compiling the necessary supplies before starting the whitewash makes for a streamlined project. Small paint brushes are excellent for getting the whitewash in corners and other small areas. You may also use paint rollers or larger brushes to speed up the painting process.

5. Test a Small Area Before Whitewashing

Before painting the entire surface, you should test a small brick area to see if you like the results. It will also help you determine if your solution is correct or if you need to add anything to the mixture. Use more water in the whitewash if you want a lighter look and more paint if you wish for a whiter appearance. 

Call Nelson J. Greer for Expert Exterior Brick Whitewashing

Nelson J. Greer is a team of professional painting contractors who can give you the whitewashed brick you want. We are trusted and highly skilled in commercial and residential painting, experts at painting over exterior paint, and the perfect choice to whitewash exterior brick for your Arizona property. Call us at 520-325-5800 (Tucson office) or 602-252-1345 (Phoenix office) to schedule any of our trusted painting services.

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