should hallway be same color as living room

Should Hallway Be Same Color as Living Room?

Redecorating your home is both a creative and challenging experience, especially when repainting walls from room to room. The hallway and living room can present a unique gauntlet for homeowners.

Should the hallway be the same color as the living room? Although painting them the same color might seem easier, you can also experiment with colors to hit the perfect note of blended contrast. Our Tucson painters at Nelson J. Greer Painting Contractors, Inc. can help you with the paint job; just call us at 520-325-5800

Separate the Hallway

When you prepare to paint your hallway, consider treating it like its own individual space rather than a space that connects rooms. This approach can make your home feel bigger if you’re into small living. You can also avoid certain colors to ensure your hallway looks and feels spacious.

In addition to painting your hallway a separate color, you can also decorate it with its own theme. Choose wall art and furniture accents to give the space its own power. 

Neutral vs. Bold

If you’d rather your hallway remain more in the background, choose a bold color for your living room and a neutral color for the hallway. This artistic choice gives a rebellious yet stylish response to questions like, “Should the hallway be the same color as the living room?”

The bold colors can draw attention to focal points in the living room like the front door or a furniture set. Meanwhile, the hallway will blend without the bright, commanding gem tones overpowering its narrow passage. 

Complementary Color Schemes

You can also choose different shades within the same color family. For example, drenching your living room in a deep royal blue beautifully offset a lighter, less intense shade of blue. You can experiment with how different shades play off of one another before making a final decision.

A good rule of thumb is to use lighter colors in areas that don’t have windows or skylights. Otherwise, the darker color will make the space feel small, confined, and dark. Therefore, you might want to use lighter shades in hallways to make them appear more spacious. 

Contrasting Colors

Do you want to use two different colors but fear that they’ll clash? It might actually produce a better result than you think! Certain color combinations work well.

For example, you could try color duos like:

  • Turquoise and rust orange
  • Navy blue and light gray
  • Yellow and white
  • Green and brown

The right paint blend of each color will give your home that ‘wow’ factor that everyone craves. It invites you to use your imagination and experiment more often. 

Let Nelson J. Greer Painting Contractors, Inc. Help You Decide.

So, should the hallway be the same color as the living room? If you aren’t sure, schedule a consultation with our experts at Nelson J. Greer Painting Contractors, Inc. Our team can help you decide how to repaint your home. We can also help you decide whether to paint walls or trim first! Call 520-325-5800 to schedule an appointment.

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