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Pool Deck Coating and Refinishing in Tucson

Pool Deck Coating and Refinishing

When it comes to pool deck coating and refinishing, Nelson J. Greer Painting Contractors are here to help. When you live in Tucson, you know the sun, weather, and sheer time can take a toll on your pool deck, making it look worn. The experts at Greer can help repair minor cosmetic imperfections and give the deck a new coat to help return the surface of your deck to its former glory. 

The Benefits of Our Services

There are a variety of cosmetic and functional reasons to get a new coat for your pool deck. Check out the benefits and give us a call to get a free quote today!

  • Save money and time on maintenance
  • Costs less than a full replacement
  • Improved appearance
  • Protects your bare feet
pool deck coating and refinishing done by Greer Painting.
Man painting a wall yellow.

Other Services We Offer

When it comes to painting, Nelson J. Greer Painting Contractors do it all. From exterior painting to interior painting, we are committed to excellence, quality, and dependability in every painting job we complete.

Before we paint your home or residence we can ensure it’s in prime condition through wall repairs, power washing, and caulking

We also paint more than just walls. Our painting contractors do floor coating and sealing and deck coating and refinishing.

Give us a call today at (520) 325-5800 and get started on your next residential or commercial painting project!