Guide on How to Epoxy Paint a Pool Deck

Epoxy Paint a Pool Deck According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every year there are approximately 155,000 reported injuries in and around swimming pools, many as a result of slip and fall injuries. A plain concrete pool deck is not attractive and can be hazardous. The concrete bakes in the hot sun […]

The Complete Color Guide to Commercial Building Paint

The first impression is the best impression. This stays true in all aspects, especially for commercial spaces. A well-maintained interior and exterior creates a positive impression and attracts potential customers. To draw the proper attention, you need to choose the right color and design. Depending on the business, the color palette and color scheme differ […]

How to Choose the Best Paint for Your Church Interior

Church Interior Painting Churches often present a challenge when it comes to color. Not only is it a place of worship, but also because you are hoping to create a feeling of relaxation and calm inside the church. A suitable color scheme can make all the difference in making your church visually appealing. The shades […]

Industrial Metal Painting

From the medical field to an automotive or industrial facility, every metal requires some sort of coating to protect the equipment from corrosion. Every aspect of painting the metal needs to be carefully considered and planned such that the performance is not affected. This article brings to you everything you need to know about industrial […]

Painting Over Old Exterior Paint

Is your home ready for a coat of paint? Paints serve a far more critical purpose than just increase the curb appeal. It helps to protect your house from the elements. The most important rules to follow for exterior painting are to prepare the surfaces well and to buy the best possible paint within your […]

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