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Churches often present a challenge when it comes to color. Not only is it a place of worship, but also because you are hoping to create a feeling of relaxation and calm inside the church. A suitable color scheme can make all the difference in making your church visually appealing. The shades you choose should represent intrinsic traditions and doctrines while reflecting the values of the church.

This article walks you through picking the best color scheme for your church, color psychology, how to pick the right color, and much more.

Which Color Is Best for a Church?

Color plays a vital role in the interior design of a church. They can either be trendy and follow the latest color scheme or stand the test of time even when it goes out of the trend. Considering the above, it is crucial that you select classic shades and stand the test of time. Here are a few color selections commonly found in churches worldwide:

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are likely to please the congregation since they bring a sense of calmness we tend to seek in a church. Neutrals such as gray and pale yellow work the best for trimming and sanctuary walls. Moreover, they can flatter the bright accents found in the stained glass windows and church furnishings. For a modern touch, paint the trims white.


Violet is a royal color and is a representation of royalty and, in this case, the kingdom of Jesus Christ. It goes well for church pews and carpeting. You can also accentuate it with shades of gray.


Blue represents trust and a true understanding of faith. Moreover, it is also a pleasant alternative to violet. Therefore, it is increasingly common among protestants to incorporate blue in the color scheme. From the gray hues to royal shades like bright blue, it easily doubles as a brand color for your church.


Red indicates the presence of the Holy Spirit and is the traditional color of the Church. Since red has a luxurious look, it looks good on furniture upholstery and carpets. However, it is bright enough to stand alone. So ensure that the other accents are minimal.


Green is an exquisite color in a church interior. Bright green represents growth, while olive green is neutral. You can use it as wall art or accent since greens complement blues.


Orange symbolizes joy and sunshine. While a light orange adds warmth, the gold variant represents wisdom. However, it can be too much if used as a primary color.

Is Beige the Only Color in Church Interior Design?

Working with earthy colors never goes wrong. Neutral colors create a sense of peace and are often an excellent place to start to be on the safer side. However, for beige to work, you should balance it with brighter colors such as reds, purples, blues, etc. They add excitement and create interest in the viewer. You can see the same color scheme in historical churches with lots of rich wood paneling, wooden pews, flooring, white plaster walls, etc. The intense colors can be seen in the stained glass windows. They act as the focal point of color by creating a small area of interest in an overall neutral scheme.

How to Pick the Best Paint Color Scheme for My Church?

Best Paint Color Scheme for Church Interior - Color ChartPicking a color seems like easy enough work until you start doing it. Since colors are subjective, people tend to have different opinions on them. Moreover, the quality of light can also significantly impact how a color is perceived among the congregation. Therefore, even your style of worship has to be taken into color before painting the church.

Here are some foolproof tips to help you choose the best paint color for the church:

Examine the Church Interior

Consider the architectural details of your church, such as tile work, brick or wood trim, before deciding on a color scheme. You may also want to keep an eye out on how light changes the church’s interior. For example, if you have stained glass windows on the eastern side of the church, the interior remains warmer in the mornings.

Neutral Surroundings

Neutral colors create a no-fuss space and are often an excellent base color for other bright colors. In a place of worship, it allows for complete relaxation and contemplation. Neutrals like creams, light greys, beige and pale yellows make for excellent wall colors. With a neutral base, it is easy to add details without it becoming a distraction. In that sense, a neutral monochromatic color scheme may work well in a church. Also, take pictures at different times of the day for reference when you go paint shopping.

Pops of Color

Consider your church’s values and practices before adding pops of color to the church. Purples and reds are popular choices. Purple is the color of royalty and is reminiscent of Christ. Red represents the presence of the holy spirit. Both the colors work well in furnishings and upholstery.

Paint Shopping

Use your reference photos to choose paint colors at the paint store. Create a color scheme comprising of different colors, light blues, yellows, greens, and cream. Request for swatches and paint them on the wall. Observe them at different times to see how every color behaves throughout the day.


When it comes to picking the right color for your church, there are a few things you may want to consider. The first being the psychology of colors. In addition to that, the mood you want to create, the energy of the church, and finally, the congregation also set the tone for the color scheme.

For example, a high-energy church will benefit from brighter colors, while a more calm and subdued church should go for a more calm tone like light blues, greens, or purples paired with cream. In short, the color scheme should reflect the mood of the congregation.

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