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signs of a bad exterior paint job

4 Telltale Signs of a Bad Exterior Paint Job

Not all paint jobs and paint contractors are equal. Some painters lack the experience and expertise to provide quality paint jobs. Others know what they’re doing but take shortcuts and overcharge for their services. 

To make matters worse, noticing that the painter you contracted completed their work in an unprofessional manner can be difficult. When they finish, the exterior paint job may appear aesthetically pleasing. Years down the road, however, the lasting paint job your contractor promised you is nowhere to be found, as the paint begins to peel and chip away.

To help you avoid the disappointment of a poorly completed house painting, we’ve compiled a list of a couple of signs of a bad exterior paint job. These indicators will assist you in spotting an unprofessional service and hiring a more reliable one in the future. 

#1: Peeling and Cracking Paint

When the paint on your home begins to peel or crack a month after application, it’s a clear sign of a poor paint job. Painters who cut corners to save money may mix the paint with up to 50 percent water. As the peeling or cracking doesn’t occur immediately, this can be a difficult problem to catch.

To prevent peeling and cracking and the need for a fresh coat of paint a month after the initial exterior paint job, ensure that your painter doesn’t add water to the paint. The exterior painting professionals in Tucson at Nelson J. Greer use 100% quality paint for every job.

#2: Failure to Prime Before Painting

Priming the surface before applying paint is crucial in the painting process. Blemishes such as water stains and uneven surfaces are likely to show through a layer of paint, so the primer conceals them before the paint is applied. Inexperienced and unreliable painters may skip the priming step, so be sure your painter is thorough in their process. 

#3 Paint Appears Streaky

Another vital step in the painting process is cleaning the surface. Exterior walls can accumulate dirt and debris from the outdoor environment, and failure to properly clean them presents a significant paint problem. When the surface is not washed and properly dried, streaks and slight variations in paint color can occur, resulting in an unattractive look.

#4 Air Holes on the Walls

A vital sign of a bad exterior paint job is one or more air holes showing up on the walls. Air holes occur when the painter fails to apply enough coats of paint. The air holes pop and expose the unpainted walls underneath, so always be sure that your painter applies the necessary coats. 

Exterior Painting Professionals in Tucson

For more questions to ask your painting contractors to ensure they’ll get the job done right, contact Nelson J. Greer. With experience as the exterior painting professionals in Tucson, we’ve got eyes for signs of a bad exterior paint job. For reliable paint jobs from skilled contractors, call Nelson J. Greer at (502) 325-5800 today!